Hello, I am Philippe!


Photo Laurent Belmonte


At work !

The photo accompanies my life since my childhood, since my first trips with my parents.

Initiated by my father to the super 8 film, the "cuts" were done with scissors and the edits with glue !!

"A few" years later ... graduate photographer, specific training in Architecture and studio, also trained in making videos, from conception to editing, including filming and sound, I made these passions my profession, at ease in these 2 fields so close and so different: video and photography.  


I am passionate about images, whether fixed or animated!

If I had to introduce myself in one sentence ...

"Work seriously without taking yourself seriously".

My photographs, all in high definition and all post-processed on a computer for an optimal and natural rendering, will be available for download via a protected client area specially created for you.  

​​ Information, a quote, an appointment ...

do not hesitate to contact me, on my cell phone, by email, I would be very happy to answer you!  



NYC Skyline BW